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Every type of drug crime is serious, including drug distribution. These charges can leave you facing jail time and other consequences that can have an impact on your life and future. At the Law Office of Gregory M. Alonzo, I use my more than 35 years of criminal defense experience when aggressively standing up for clients who are facing drug sales charges.

Drug sales involve the possession of a controlled substance with the intent to sell or distribute. Drugs are often concealed on an individual’s person or in a vehicle when being transported for sale or distributed.

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Elements Of A Drug Sales Case

When you are facing drug distribution charges, there are certain factors that must be proven by the prosecution in order for you to be convicted:

  • At the time of arrest, there must be proof of possession over the drugs that were found. It is not enough for the drugs to have been present or near your person.
  • The amount of the drug in question is a key element in drug sales cases. A small amount may be considered for personal use, and alternative charges would apply.
  • The state of the drug discovered must be its final form. That is, residue or trace drug remnants are not enough to show that a crime was committed.
  • It would need to be clear at the time of discovery that the intent was to distribute the drug. For example, if the drug was divided up into smaller amounts and containers, it can be presumed that these were to be sold.
  • There needs to be evidence showing that the accused had knowledge that drugs were present and were being sold and/or used illegally.

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