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During my nearly 35-year career at my firm, the Law Office of Gregory M. Alonzo, there have been many changes in state drug laws. As a San Jose drug crimes attorney I have successfully handled hundreds of cases ranging from simple possession to drug sales, manufacturing, cultivation and transportation. With new illegal substances hitting the market every day, drug laws continue to evolve. This makes it incredibly important to seek an experienced lawyer if you have been charged with a drug crime.

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Santa Clara County Drug Possession Charges

Drug possession penalties vary depending on the type and amount of the drug and the defendant’s intended purpose for having the drug in possession. Marijuana possession, including medical marijuana, has separate penalties depending on the quantity in possession, proximity to a school, and whether there was intent to sell or distribute.

For the past 20 years, California’s Proposition 36, the Substance Abuse and Crime Prevention Act, creates opportunities for first- and second-time offenders to receive substance abuse treatment rather than face incarceration.

Illegal Search And Seizure

One of our fundamental rights in the United States is granted by the Fourth Amendment, which protects us from unreasonable searches and seizures. If you have been charged with a drug crime, consult an experienced attorney to ensure your Fourth Amendment rights have not been violated by an illegal search.

Depending on the type of drug and the quantity involved, a drug possession or drug sales conviction can result in a small fine of no more than $100 or a state prison sentence. Thanks to Hollywood, we know how overcrowded our prison system currently is. This means the courts are looking for other alternatives for certain simple drug crime cases. There are resources available to help mitigate potential punishments, including prison.

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