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California is a state with a highly publicized view on marijuana possession. While medical marijuana is allowed, and the possession of certain amounts of marijuana has been decriminalized, it is very important that people know that there are still types of marijuana charges that can be filed and the possession of marijuana is still a crime.

At the Law Office of Gregory M. Alonzo, I have extensive knowledge of California’s drug laws and the laws that govern marijuana possession. If you have been charged with or cited for possession of marijuana, I can review your case and provide you with options for seeking a resolution to the case, whether we fight the charges or work with the prosecution to secure alternative charges and/or punishments.

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Types Of Marijuana Possession Charges

Below are some of the common types of charges and punishments that stem from marijuana possession. I can take the time to explain these more in-depth with you and how they may apply to your individual situation:

  • Less than an ounce if under 21 years old (28.5 grams or less):

    • Infraction charge
    • Monetary fine up to $100
    • Additional fines related to court costs and assessments
    • No arrest or booking if accused shows officer valid identification
    • No criminal record
  • More than an ounce (over 28.5 grams):

    • Misdemeanor charge
    • Up to six months in county jail
    • Monetary fine up to $500
    • Additional fines related to court costs and assessments
  • Concentrated cannabis possession:

    • Misdemeanor or felony charge
    • Up to three years in state prison
    • Monetary fines up to $10,000

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