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Theft Crimes Carry Significant Penalties

Any conviction of a theft crime can have long-term consequences not often considered at the time of an arrest. A conviction can be on your record, indefinitely affecting your ability to get a job or a professional license for years to come.

Everyone makes mistakes as young adult, and even when we get older we don’t always consider during times of extreme stress the potential consequences of our behavior. Consulting an experienced attorney can help you understand the full impact of the charges and create a strategy for mitigating any potential penalties. Your future may depend on it.

As a defense attorney in Santa Clara County, Gregory Alonzo has handled a wide variety of theft cases, from simple shoplifting, considered petty theft, to multimillion-dollar grand theft cases and white collar crimes such as embezzlement.

Identity Theft And Credit Card Fraud

The misuse of another person’s identifying information, whether personal or financial, such as a Social Security number or credit history is considered identity theft. Credit card fraud can take many forms such as obtaining someone else’s credit or debit card and/or information through fraudulent means or buying or selling the card or information. A person using his or her own card with the knowledge that it is revoked or expired or the account lacks the funds to pay for the goods is also considered credit card fraud.

Theft crimes are often “priorable” offenses, which means the courts must consider the previous convictions when determining your sentencing. There are methods available to possibly clear previous convictions. An experienced lawyer can help you determine your legal options with past convictions and present charges, and look for ways to get the charges reduced or later expunged.

Regardless of the criminal offense you may be accused of, you have fundamental rights. Make sure yours are protected. Email the San Jose, California, Law Office of Gregory M. Alonzo for a confidential, no-obligation consultation.