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“I came across Mr. Alonzo by luck. I had never been in court before, aside from traffic court once, but facing a potentially serious criminal matter, I decided to contact an attorney. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Gregory Alonzo took the time to work around my hectic travel schedule, yet took the time to explain to me what would happen, how the process works, and most importantly what my options were. He really helped me in answering the many, many questions I had, and made me feel much better about the possibilities and options I had. Long story short, in the end, Mr. Alonzo was able to get my rather serious charges reduced greatly, and avoid any jail time (which is what i feared the most). a HUGE bonus was he was able to get my property returned to me from the evidence hold, where the Judge herself told me that in most cases it is usually destroyed at the end of trial. I couldn’t have wished for a better outcome. Thank you Mr. Alonzo”

When I was in need of a lawyer my brother recommended Gregory Alonzo as he had a good experience with him in the past, getting his charges significantly reduced. Upon our first consultation I knew I need not look any further as it was apparent he had a lot of experience, was very professional and aimed at fighting my charges. He was always available by phone and even went back to his office after hours to look into something for me. He prepared me for the worst case scenario but was able to get my charges completely dropped by reasoning with the DA before it went to trial. I could tell when I walked into the courtroom that he had established good relations and rapport with the DA as they were laughing and chatting about other things. The fact that he is likable, I’m sure, only worked in my favor. I would highly recommend him to any friend or person in need of a lawyer.

Gregory Alonzo is diligent, knowledgeable and experienced. He explored every detail of my case cautiously but also made time to hear my point of view. By keeping me fully informed and educated on all legal aspects of my case, Mr. Alonzo enabled me to work constructively with him to arrive at a favorable outcome. He has high professional ethics, combining his professional expertise with a human approach. I believe he enjoys his profession as well as helping people. Mr. Alonzo offered me the best legal support and fought hard to have a charge dropped and another reduced. I am so glad I picked him as my defense lawyer – he is the best. I highly recommend him.

Last summer I came into problems with the law, and being my first time this had occurred, I was very confused and scared about what was going to happen. Luckily, a family friend referred me to Gregory. I was charged with two felonies and was looking at time in jail and also possibly never being able to gain my citizenship in the United States. At the end of it all there was only an infraction on my record. In the span of 9 or so months Gregory never let me down. I could call him weekday or weekend and he would always pick up and be able to answer any questions I had for him or refer me to someone that had a better answer. He was also always on time for my court dates. At first Gregory may come out as strong, but it is all in good fortune because he really does want to get you the best deal you can get.

I recently had a run in with the Law and needed some serious help. Thank God I found Gregory Alonzo. I was looking at doing time for a felony and two misdemeanors. Mr Alonzo had my felony brought down to a misdemeanor and my two original misdemeanors dismissed. He worked closely with my wife and I, he always answered his phone and met with us when ever we requested. If it wasn’t for Gregory I would still be in Jail today. Thank you so much for being affordable and always available. I just hired Mr Alonzo again to have my misdemeanor expunged. Once again he took care of my problem in a timely manor. My family and I can’t thank you enough.
Chris & Lydia

“Everyone has fears of getting a lawyer, but in my experience, I had nothing but the best lawyer. Gregory Alonzo is an admirable person who always has time to take your call. He will always look for the best possible outcome for your case. Gregory Alonzo is a great lawyer and you will not have any disappointment with his service. He will make time for you as long as you are willing to cooperate. I would recommend him to anybody who is looking for a dedicated, cooperating, professional, and experienced lawyer.”