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What Is The Sex Offender Registry?

California judges have the authority to include mandatory registration on the state sex offender registry for conviction for certain types of misdemeanor and felony sex offenses. If you are facing a California sex offender registry charge, your name may be part of public records for years, decades or even a lifetime.

You don’t need to be judged for your criminal charges. If you are facing sex offender registry crimes, you need compassionate, powerful and effective defense you are entitled to under the law. Call me at 408-673-9124 to start protecting your reputation and your future right away.

Whether your sentence for a sex offense will include registration on the sex offender registry often depends upon how aggressively your criminal defense attorney is ready to fight to avoid a conviction and the sentence that comes with it. My name is attorney Gregory M. Alonzo. I have been aggressively protecting the reputations and futures of people charged with sex offenses in the Bay Area and Northern California for more than three decades.

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